NAA Student Training Parachute System

A Parachute System is made up of three components. The Main Canopy, Reserve Canopy and Harness/Container Assembly. When choosing a Student Parachute System it is always a good idea to purchase all three major components from a single manufacturer. The three main components in the NAA STUDENT TRAINING PARACHUTE SYSTEM are all manufactured by North American Aerodynamics, Inc.. These components are designed to work together.
studen6 The NAA STUDENT TRAINING PARACHUTE SYSTEM is a complete parachute system with all of the components coming from a single manufacture. This system consists of the NAA EAGLE main canopy, the NAA EAGLE reserve canopy and the CENTAURUS STUDENT TRAINER container system.
All of the components are manufactured by North American Aerodynamics, Inc. They have been designed to work together as a complete system. Using a complete system from the same manufacture avoids the danger and problems of combining parts from different manufactures that have not been tested together. It also guarantees that you will not only have all of the necessary parts but you will have all of the correct parts.
studen8 MAIN CANOPY:The EAGLE is a reliable, stable, easy to handle parachute canopy. These features make it an ideal Student main canopy. It’s unique design and construction result in an extremely stable canopy with gentle, predicable stall characteristics and a slow rate of descent. This is exactly what is needed for a Student main canopy.

EAGLE Student Main Canopy standard features
0-3 CFM 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon 7-cell Cross Port Venting
I Beam Construction Dacron lines on Student Canopies Cascaded Lines
CONTAINER ASSEMBLY:  The CENTAURUS STUDENT TRAINER harness/container system is a state of the art student container system incorporating the latest design features of the NEW CENTAURUS. The main deployment bag allows for easy conversion from static line to freefall. The main container is opened by the static line , ripcord or hand deploy method. The ripcord method uses a hand deploy training ripcord. The CENTAURUS STUDENT TRAINER has been designed for use with the EAGLE main and reserve canopy.

Hand Deploy Training Ripcord Reserve Static Line CYPRES ready
Spring Loaded Pilot Chute Main Static Line
studen1 RESERVE CANOPY:  The NAA EAGLE reserve canopy offers everything you are looking for in a reserve canopy. It starts with a fast opening that is surprisingly soft. Under the canopy you will be impressed with it’s stability and performance. Stalls are gentle and straight back. Stall recovery is immediate and straight forward. And finally, you will finish that reserve ride with a soft landing. The NAA EAGLE is exactly what you are looking for in a reserve canopy.

Standard features on NAA EAGLE reserve canopy
0-3 CFM 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon 7-cell Cross Port Venting
I Beam Construction Micro Line  Cascaded Lines
180 R 180 400 185
200 R 200 450 205
220 R 220 480 225
240 M R 240 500 245
260 M R 260 535 265
280 M R 280 565 285
300 M R 300 600 305

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