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Parafoil | North American Aerodynamics, inc.


The Jalbert Parafoil has proudly withstood the test of time. A veteran of two decades of demanding use, it is the only parachute to dominate the accuracy event in sport parachuting. It is rare to find a National or Military Accuracy Team that does not use the Jalbert Parafoil. If you’re serious it is the only logical choice.

The Jalbert Parafoil is a proven winner and has set the standard for the accuracy parachute canopy. Many manufactures have tried to copy the Parafoil, but none have been successful in offering a canopy equal in performance.

You can customize your canopy with optional custom color patterns, lettering or by having your design applied. Send us your custom design and we will let you know if it can be applied and what the cost would be.

Looking for a container for your Parafoil? Check out the new Centaurus. They are made for each other. You can’t find a better combination. Need a complete system? Our new¬† Eagle is approved under the new tougher FAA TSO-c23(d)

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