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Centaurus | North American Aerodynamics, inc.


No matter what your event, there is a Centaurus for you…

  • Style
  • Accuracy
  • RW
  • Free Style
  • Student

The Centaurus is a state of the art container system that offers discipline specific options. This allows you to customize your Centaurus to optimize it for your jumping style.

When World Champion Cheryl Stearns used her new Centaurus she said “It was the first time I ever felt balanced in the air.” Since she has over 10,000 jumps that is quite a recommendation. In designing the Centaurus we took great care in placing the center of gravity so that the weight of the equipment would improve your flying. There is no reason you should have to fight your equipment to perform.

The Centaurus was the first container system to use a one pin reserve container, pioneering the use of a single fabric locking loop passed through the reserve container and pilot chute. This innovation was one of the more significant improvements in the design of container systems and became a standard for the industry.

The Centaurus conforms to the NAA product criteria which calls for the product to deliver the performance you want and be designed and built to last.

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