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Centaurus Order Form | North American Aerodynamics, inc.

Centaurus Order Form

Choose a model for you:
1- Container Sizing:
Main: Prod. Date:
Reserve: Prod. Date:
2- Material:
Cordura Parapack
3- Harness sizing:
If you do not know your size, please provide us with the following information.
Gender Weight
Chest Waist Inseam
4- Rig Colors (refer to diagram):
1) 4)
2) 5)
Center Flap:
A B C Solid Color:
Center Flap Colors:
1) 2)
3) 4)
5- Harness Color
6- Trim Tape Color
7- Ring Cover Color
8- Piping between stripes on center flap (optional)
Offered Piping Color
Custom Piping Color
9- Monogram (optional)
If Monogram option is YES: provide details: color, font type, wording...
Upload Monogram picture:
10- Leg Strap Hardware:
11- Pilot Chute Location:
Piping (between stripes)
BOC protector
Hackey Handle
Ring Harness (lower rings only)
Double Ring Harness
Adjustable Harness (includes lower rings)
Spacer Foam
Riser Toggle Extensions
Hard Toggles
Reserve Static Line
FXC Modification
B-12 Snaps
Ejector Hardware
Reserve Side Jumpmaster Ripcord
Reserve Ripcord
Reserve Pilot Chute
3-Ring Cut-a-way Handle
Centaurus Reserve Bag and Bridle
Centaurus/ Parafoil Main D Bag
First Name *
Last Name *State/Province
Title Zip/Postal Code
Organization Country
Street Address Work Phone
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